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Short Term Medical

Who can benefit from short term health insurance?

You start your own business and no longer have group coverage. You're between jobs and COBRA coverage doesn't fit your budget. You've retired early and need coverage until Medicare starts.  There are times when a budget-friendly bridge through a gap in health coverage is needed. If you're in one of those times, that's when a short term medical plan may be able to help.

How much do you use your health plan?


By choosing a higher deductible and higher coinsurance you may save on premium. Just remember that means more out-of-pocket costs for you when you use your insurance. Many Value plans eliminate Rx drug coverage to keep costs down.



For a plan that is simple to use choose Plus Elite. Meet the deductible and the rest of your eligible medical expenses are covered at 100% per person, per term. Where available, Premier Elite also covers 100% after deductible, but comes with one deductible for the whole family!





Choose a Copay plan to pay a copay for a set number of doctor visits without having to meet the medical deductible first. Waiting period applies for illness on some plans. All plans use network repricing to keep your medical expenses lower, too!




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