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Learn about a new offer for small businesses just like yours. We've looked at the full benefits picture and extended our portfolio through technology and carrier partnerships to help address your top pain points.

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See what all the buzz is about surrounding our new benefits opportunity.

Value of workplace benefits

In today's competitive talent marketplace, it is imperative for small businesses to make informed and strategic decisions about what benefits to offer as a part of their total rewards strategy.

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of organizations are experiencing recruiting difficulty and skills shortages for certain types of jobs.1

of employees are not satisfied with their current benefits.2

of Millennials cite their benefits as a determining factor in deciding where to work.3

Position your Business — and your Employees — for Success: Overview of Small-Business Solutions

We support small-business. We applaud each and every one of you dreamers, doers and entrepreneurs who took the risk to create something that you believe in and employ people nationwide.

Now let us help you ease the burden of benefits administration with our expanded offering, giving you the opportunity to provide competitive benefits without sacrificing the ability to efficiently run your business. Presenting Small-Business Solutions.

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